Decoding The Lies Of Smriti Irani

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There is no denying that the honorable Union Minister of Education Smriti Irani is self made. Her favorite phrase to use is time and time again and she uses alliteration for optics. She looks down at her feet after saying something profound in some semblance of effect and smiles ineffectually at flashing cameras. No stage is intimidating, no man too hard to defeat. Dubbed the most eloquent of ministers, she walks amidst thorns her big, beading eyes glaring at a thin, blue line between spectators adorned in juxtaposed colors. They are all looking up at her in awe. At scorched excuses she throws their way. At the villainous lotus flower that haphazardly rests between her slender fingers.

Cho Ramaswamy once said Kamal Hassan is “an intellectual among actors, an actor among intellectuals”. The debate room that day was filled with vacuous faces and for Kamal Hassan’s trained eyes, specks of saffron littered sporadically in the audience focus. He has an arresting timbre in his voice and perhaps because of his excessive drinking, it didn’t comply in his soliloquy that morning with his daughter. He was hoping it would go away tonight. Perhaps it just might.

The anchor had brought his AK-47 today and it had its default set toward the male actor on the panel.

“Regardless of the circumstances, one should always stand up for the national anthem and nationalism is a proud ornament,” chime the anchor and the Mrs. Irani alike their maundering eyes trained on Kamal who turns whimsical without a good rebuttal to this and in a last-minute effort to save face he declares:

“Watch me what I do if you play the anthem now.”


Okay, Kamal was out of his element today. I don’t know why, like I said it could be because of his excessive drinking, but what worries me is how effortlessly Mrs. Irani–the presumable upper-hand on the 18th Dec 2018 eve–won the anchor and audience over with alliteration and pretty words.

Take for example the question rightly pointed at Mrs. Irani on why two union ministers garlanded two men who were accused of lynching over cow slaughter. The question from the host was simple:

Before you read on, one thing to notice is how Mrs. Irani never takes a moment to think how she is going to answer. As soon as the last word of the question slips the anchor’s lips (or in most of the cases before), she starts spewing out words like vomit. The difference that it has from an average alcoholic (not talking about Kamal here) is in how she coins the words. She picks out some buzz words–Kellyanne Conway style.

Before we analyze her answer, take a moment to imagine yourself in her shoes: a staunch RSS supporter from the age of 11, who attended a Christian school for optics.

If there was even a speck of modern education that you’d had growing up, you would know you are cornered with that question. And if there is even a speck of dignity in you, you would consider not answering the question at all because any way of dealing with that question would be downright lying.

Because the question is very simple. It’s like showing an apple and an orange and asking whether they are different fruits. The facts show that there are indeed parallel ideologies when it comes to that because the party leader says one thing and the ministers do the opposite without being reprimanded or suspended.

And here is what Mrs. Irani did instead:

  • Repeat what Modi Ji said over and over again in myriad ways with decorative language until the anchor just got frustrated and moved on.
  • Use Kamal as an excuse to not being able to be straight forward and sharp with her answer.
  • Play the nationalism card to go an a complete non-sequential tangent unrelated to the question.

This convenience in double standards is something the BJP ministers have been using time and time again to show themselves in secular light when what they truly are ruthless, politically derivative conservatives that think India should be a Hindi/Hindu nation.

Hopefully, the people of India wake up before it is too late.

One thought on “Decoding The Lies Of Smriti Irani

  1. This is hard to explain to people. You can compare these tactics to that of the Trump administration and supporters.

    The truth is insignificant when it comes to reaching the people. Loud words repeated through various sources however inaccurate and wrong they may be is the new truth that reaches people. I am looking at you *Social Media*

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